Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunset Talk Video

Glacier Point where I am stationed is a very popular location in Yosemite to view a sunset. From the point we can't see the actual sun set because a large mountain is in the way, so everyone sits on the granite rocks of Glacier Point looking at the sunset color on Half Dome. There will be hundreds of people at Glacier Point each evening. We Rangers do sunset talks almost each evening while standing among all of the people. The evening of this video I am talking about "The History of Glacier Point". I have broken the presentation up into two sections, introduction and the talk in order to reduce file size of each. Enjoy.

The Introduction

"The History of Glacier Point" Sunset Talk

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  1. Well done talk....two things needed though...a personal microphone set up (so you don't have to yell and get hoarse each night)... and your guitar...!! How awesome would that be?


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