Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bristlecone Pines

Bristlecone Pine grows at a very high elevation (12,500 feet) in very specific soil and growing conditions. Unlike most other pines, these trees grow high enough to avoid glaciation effects so some of these trees are over 4,000 years old. One is 4,600 years old. I haven't seen the oldest tree yet, but I have seen the largest Bristlecone Pine in the world. I will find the oldest next summer. Enjoy. They are amazing trees. I really enjoyed walking through the ancient forest taking these pictures. It is a quiet sacred place. I was moved and blessed by spending time there. Gods angels are there in the forest. You should all experience this place. I was the only human in the forest. It was a special time with nature. I will never forget it.

The largest Bristlecone Pine in the world.

Just a cool Bristlecone Pine tree

The reason these trees seem dwarfed is because they survive in high wind conditions on the top of mountains. Since the wind is so high, it is difficult for the dropping seeds to take hold because the wind blows them away. There is a bird that has a symbiotic relationship with the tree called the Clarks Nutcracker that harvests the pine cone seeds, digs a hole in the ground and burys the nuts for later consumption in the winter.
How does that help the tree? Well, the bird has a 70% memory effeciency.
Nature is so cool!

The wood is beautiful.

A big storm blew this tree over centuries ago. It still has one root in the ground and one living branch. Even though it is lying on the ground, it is still holding on to life. Even trees want to survive. Life lesson here is: "Never give up".

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