Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season End

Well the season is over now. The summer went by very fast. I really enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to returning next season. I actually left a couple of days early because of a big winter storm coming in. I have included a few snow pix for you.

Over the course of the season I spent many hours roving the sidewalk talking to people and answering questions. At the end of the year, television shows show bloopers and highlights of the year. My season is over now, so I have a list of the dumbest questions asked of me this year. Here are the top 12 dumbest questions. I know that some of you will not understand these questions. I have explained some of them.

Dumbest Questions and Statements of 2009

#1 We are not finding "Old Faithful" on the map anywhere. Can you direct us to it?
(Old Faithful is in Yellowstone National Park, not Yosemite.)

#2 We are thinking about hiking Half Dome this afternoon. How far is it?
(Half Dome is a very strenuous hike that takes all day and extreme conditioning and planning.It is not something that you attempt in an afternoon.)

#3 What time do I need to be here in the morning to photograph sunrise color on the face of Half Dome?
(The face of Half Dome faces west)

#4 We just hiked up the Four Mile Trail. Where do we catch the six o'clock shuttle bus back down to the valley?
(There is no shuttle to Glacier Point. It is a very remote wilderness area.)

#5 I used to come here with my family as a child in the 50's. What did they put in the water of Yosemite Falls to make the Firefall?

#6 What time do you feed the bears?

#7 We're looking for Glacier Point.

#8 Will you call me a taxi?

#9 My car GPS says I have 10 miles left on this tank. How far is the closest gas station?
(The closest gas is 35 miles)

#10 I think I'm supposed to get married here today. Do you know where my party is?

#11 What is the name of the bird I saw over there?

#12 How long is the Four Mile Trail?