Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guided Hike Destinations

Here are a couple of guided hike destinations in my area of the park. I guide hikes on four trails, but these are two of my favorites. I stop once in a while and describe natural points to hikers on my guided hike. It's a lot of fun and educational too. One is Sentinel Dome and the other is McGurk Meadow.

Coming Back/Cabin Upgrades

Sorry for the lag in communications. I have been really busy and communication opportunities have been difficult. Well, I guess I am doing rather well. I have been extended this year from Labor Day to the end of October and I have been invited back next year. Yahoo! Since I know I will be continuing on for years to come at this location, I have made a few living upgrades to my cabin.
The flag hanging in the corner was given to me by my son. He was in Iraq earlier this year and he had the opportunity to participate in some way in flying a Predator. This flag was flown on the combat mission over Iraq in which my son participated. I am very proud of that gift. It means a lot to me.

Short Haul Out

One of our duties as Rangers is to respond to Search and Rescue missions. A man fell from a standing position and hit his head on a rock. "He weren't doing too good" so we short hauled him out. That means we called in a medi-vac helicopter to fly him to the valley to a waiting ambulance. My partner was on the ground and I was spotting from above. Next year I will have the credentials to be directly involved in rescue missions.

The Little Guys

Here are a couple of pictures of the little guys around where I live and work. They are small, but just as cool as the big guys. The Bobcat is not really a little guy. In fact he is quite large. Actually I missed the Bobcat. My partner Shannon took this picture.