Friday, September 3, 2010

Clouds Rest Hike

Clouds Rest. Not Mount Clouds Rest or Clouds Rest Mountain...just Clouds Rest. This is my destination for the day. 14 miles and thousands of feet elevation change. I'm getting an early predawn start here.

This is not a good image but it all I could get. This pix illustrates how glaciers opened up the canyon to make a huge bowl shape. This was an OMG experience for me to view this perspective of the glacial action.

Here is the summit of Clouds Rest. Glacier Point where I work and live is in the background.

Yahoo! I made it!

Here I am on the summit of Clouds Rest looking back at the trail head on the side of Tenaya Lake. It seems like a very long ways away.

Half Dome from Clouds Rest. Look closely and you can see hikers going up the cables to the summit.

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