Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Ranger Duties

I spotted this young man walking toward me on the sidewalk. Before I saw him, I saw his spirit, his cleanliness, his aura of pure white light. He surprised me and I was drawn to him. I learned quickly that he had severe brain motor disfunction from a traumatic injury. I had seen this injury before. I instantly felt close to him. I am not sure why yet but he was a real blessing to me. He is a loving person with a very supportive family. I was impressed. Mario's family has written a book about Mario and his injury recovery. I have purchased the book and started reading it. I will write again about Mario. In the meantime, go here. Thanks Mario for finding me.

Mario and his therapy dog

I have expanded outside that park to lecture to school groups. I usually talk about bears. Everybody loves the bears and everybody needs to learn about the bears when they live close to Yosemite. It's fun for me. These fifth graders were fantastic.

More bear talk

These hikers from Germany are really impressive. They hiked a long distance over many mountains in record pace time. This is the one time I asked a visitor if I could have my picture taken with them.

This year Yosemite will experience about 4 million visitors to the park. 95% of those visitors never venture out to leave the valley which is about 0.5% of the park. Some visitors never leave their car.

I love LA

I love Japan

I love Japan

I love Spain

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