Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunset Talk Video

One of my favorite tasks as a Ranger is to perform Sunset Ranger Talks at Glacier Point. Most every evening about 30 minutes before sundown one of us Rangers will do a talk about the subject of our choice. Glacier Point is a very popular location for visitors to come view a sunset because of the points open views and close proximity to Half Dome. At any given night, there can be between 200 and 600 people sitting on the rocks to view sunset. It's fun to stand among them and converse with them. My entire talk is too long to place on this blog so I have included just my 7 minute introduction. Enjoy. View the full talk here.


  1. Very good talk! Wish we got to see the whole thing. You were very interesting and funny!

  2. one of the few things that i have always wanted to do and never made it happen while in yosemite. what a great life you lead!

  3. Ranger David, We loved your talks while we were camping in Yosemite this summer (the sunset and the campfire talks at our camp site).

    Thanks for enhancing the wonderful experience that is Yosemite. Our son wants to be a park ranger when he grows up!


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