Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Ranger Duties

Ranger Dave overlooking Half Dome.

I Love Korea.
John Kim - Me - Ester and Andy

Ranger Dave guiding a nature hike to Sentinel Dome.

Ranger Dave interpreting a Jeffrey Pine tree to a group on my hike.

That is Sentinel Dome in the background. We are almost there.
I am walking and talking with one of the visitors on my hike.

Ranger Dave decending from Sentinel Dome.

I Love Germany.

A few days ago The Travel Channel photographed and video taped my sunset talk so watch for me on TV someday.


  1. i love yosemite. and i love your photos.

  2. Hello Ranger Dave.
    This is John Kim.
    Your friend who took your picture over looking
    the halfdom (Metdol).
    Glad to see our group photo up on your blog.
    My brother Andy and my niece Esther.
    We had a wonder time with you on that hike.
    We'll return this year again for more of your
    great wisdom and knowledge.
    I had gone back 4 more time last year and enjoyed every moment.
    See you soon


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