Thursday, July 18, 2013


In memory of an amazing fallen animal. Yellow 48. She was a resident of Glacier Point and the surrounding area for about 17 years. I had some experiences with this bear that I will never forget. She will be missed.

She had a diseased mouth and became too agressive and got too close to people. She also taught her cubs to do the same. That won't work.

Here is one of my experiences with Y48:

This is a picture tribute to Yellow 48. If you have pictures of Yellow 47 or Yellow 48, you may submit them to me and I will post them here on this tribute. Email Me

Photos by Eric Zbinden 2007

Yellow 47 in 2009. Photo by David Rose.
Yellow 47 and her two cubs in 2010. Photo by David Rose.
Many thanks to Jos Stratford from London for these three pictures. These pictures are the last or one of the last pictures taken of Y48. She was euthanized just days following the day these pictures were taken. Y48's interaction with this car partly contributed to her demise. Was it really her fault? The owner of this car left a cooler with food in it in easy sight on the back seat with the rear window open about 3 inches. Jos is a bird photographer who was traveling the world when he encountered Y48. He chased the bear away to keep her from accessing this food. Thanks Jos. Nice job. Pictures taken July 2013
Isn't that a beautiful bear?

So close, yet so far away.

Here is Jos response to learning of Y48 euthanization: 

"Well, thanks for me know. From Yosemite, I travelled all the way to Alaska and ultimately to Deadhorse on the Arctic coast. Saw quite a number of Brown and Black Bears on route, but Lady 48 was the most memorable encounter. Indeed, RIP

Cheers Jos"
Hi Dave,

We saw your blog and were very saddened to hear of Y48's passing.  We were privileged to see her while on Glacier Point road on July 1 of this year.  It was one of the highlights of a wonderful trip to Yosemite.  It was our first time to visit the park but hopefully not the last.  Attached are a few of the pictures we took of her. We've spoken of her often while remembering our trip. Hopefully her cubs are doing OK.

Eric & Mindy
Rogers, AR


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  2. Hi Ranger Dave. My girlfriend and I were in Yosemite on 6th July. We heard you talk about Yellow 48, and could see that you were trying to educate people to try to save her life. We are very, very sad to hear what happened. From the other side of the planet ... thank mate ... for trying so hard to save her. We are sure that you did everything that you could. Brent and Marie from Australia.


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