Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Contest Picture

One of the visitors to Glacier Point took this photo during one of my presentations and entered it into a National Park photo contest. Fun.

Ranger Dave during a Sunset Talk at Glacier Point.


  1. My unforgetable ranger David,

    It took sometime for us to write to you to let you know how wonderful was for me and my husband to visit Yosemite Park, and specially to get to know you. You are one of the kind most special human beings that we have ever known. What a sweet, gently, knowlageable, & mother Nature lover you are!
    Last June we were in Yosemite Park. We climbed this big stone mountain with you! Hopefully you remember me....a South American, Colombian girl, Sonia Dowless with her husband Currie Dowless, from North Carolina, the Christmas tree man from Fayetteville,NC; Where, Fort Bragg (US Army base is). We had a marvelous time with you in that beautiful adventure. Which, we treassure more than anything. We missed the Y48 bear girl! I would have loved to see her. Life keep us some occupy but I always have in mind that I had to write to you as soon as I could. I have a picture of you and me that my husband took when we were saying goodbye that any time I look up it makes me feel so nostalgic and like running back to you again and hug you once again before we go. When I learn how to sent/post picture in your blog I will send it to you, I promise!.
    Please keep taking care of such Monument to Mother Nature and Life that is Yosemite Natural Park, and yourself the greatest priest of it.
    You really left special mark in our hearts.

    With admiration, respect and infinite love,

    Sonia Piedad & Currie Dowless

    1. Hi Sonia, Yes. I remember you and your husband. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed talking to you on our hike. Ranger Dave


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