Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Ranger Duties

I enjoy my ranger job.

I love New York. I met these young people following one of my talks. They were fun. They are traveling cross country sampling many of the national parks. Check out their blog here:
I love Scandinavia and Denmark. The girl to my right came up to me and said "Howdy!". I guess she thought I was a Texas ranger or something.

Illustrating during a beat talk titled "Bear Essentials" in our campground amphetheater.

Everyone was able to feel the fur of a bear.

Teaching an astronomy class on Sentinel Dome at 8200 feet to a group of about 100 people during sunset just before the giant super moon rose. What a magical evening that was.

Wildlife outside my cabin window.

Teaching the proper use of trekking poles at Glacier Point.

I love Sweden!

I love LA!

A rare summer storm. We had sleet in July. Cool!

I love Japan!

Leading a nature hike down the Four-Mile Trail and discussing geology to a group of about 16.

Glacier Point is on the right with Half Dome, Clouds Rest, Mount Watkins, Echo Peaks and Tenaya Peak. Geology is an interesting subject to visitors. I enjoy teaching it too.

Yellow 48 getting into trouble.

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