Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Well Do You Know Yosemite 2?

Created by Ranger David Rose

1. campground
2. Tuolumne lakes
3. common post glaciation results
4. valley south rim point
5. vista point looking south
6. type of bird
7. symbiotic relationship
8. gap in the mountains
9. mountain named after a foremost geology Yale professor
10. crunchy forest floor
11. makes a line on the solid blue sky
12. a grey grouse
13. chance of seeing a mountain lion
14. young bear
15. common Native American game
16. presidential visitor in 1903
17. common Yosemite wild flower
18. there are 54 species of this wild flower
19. this great country

1. skin of a tree
2. high altitude plain
3. ski pass
4. get wet under this fall in Hetch Hetchy
5. butterscotch like
6. given name of first white man custodian of Yosemite
7. beautiful evening color
8. a tree in the Mariposa Grove
9. common insect
10. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
11. common Miwok foods
12. foot traveler
13. moon phase
14. long standing controversy
15. silent night flyer
16. never stand under this in a lightning storm
17. glaciers melt into this river

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