Saturday, June 1, 2013

Telefonius Kompani

This is a very rare creature that lives on the mountain top above my cabin. It is so rare, that there is only one like it in the entire park. It plays an important role in the park though. Seems that there are many many other smaller receiving creatures in the park that mysteriously communicate somehow with this Telefonius Kompani (TK). Seems that this TK has some kind of long tentacles extending from it that somehow emits some kind of signal that reverberates throughout the park to all of these lesser creatures. The TK doesn't move, but the smaller creatures move around the park quite a lot all hours of the day and night. Nobody knows much about it, how it got there or how it lives. We just leave it alone and walk around it. It never hurts anybody. It sure is big and ugly though.

Telefonius Kompani

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