Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Well Do You Know Yosemite?

How Well Do You Know Yosemite?
by Ranger David Rose

1. highest point
2. first white man custodian
3. overlooks Half Dome
4. geographic center of the park
5. famous photographer
6. original valley native home
7. largest tree
8. eastern pass
9. first waterfall as you enter the valley
10. protect the park and people in the park
11. a tall waterfall in the Merced River
12. portion of a mountain above a glacier
13. "Half Dome is the only prominent feature that never has been and never will be trodden by human foot."
14. large moving body of dense ice

1. species of bear in the park
2. famous Yosemite naturalist, writer and activist
3. largest monolith in the world
4. dome positioned to watch for fire
5. a central lake
6. chief of the Ahwahneechee
7. highest waterfalls in North America
8. presidential point
9. no longer a lake
10. water reserve
11. common bird
12. species of giant trees
13. high altitude rabbit
14. sheep in the high elevations
15. cute stripped mammal
16. sound of a big waterfall

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