Saturday, June 1, 2013

Me Hiking

Here I am hiking around Sentinel Dome at about 8,000 feet (2500 meters). Just walking around close to my cabin today trying to loose some tonnage and get in shape to start work on Monday

Many thanks to Mario from Austria for taking my picture on the trail.
Ranger Dave hiking at Sentinel Dome

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  1. Please range Dave we love the pic you have with us in your section "People I meet".
    We are the Christmas tree growers from NC and colombian wife!!! Me. I am the public relations manager of my husband, and I would love to post that gorgeous pic of the three of us in FB!!!
    Our email most used by us is:
    He does not want to change for gmail!
    Please have many hugs from us.
    Sonia Piedad Dowless & Currie Dowless
    North Carolina


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