Monday, August 2, 2010

Mt. Hoffmann Hike

Ranger Dave on the summit of Mt. Hoffmann 10,850 feet.

Mt. Hoffmann as photographed from several miles away near North Dome and Indian Rock.
Mt. Hoffmann was named after Charles Hoffmann who was part of the California Geological Survey Team in the 1870's. The lake next to Mt. Hoffmann is named May Lake. It may be just a coinsidence, but Charles Hoffmann's wifes name happens to be May. Now they rest side by side forever. Everybody say...ahhhhhhhhhh.
As I was hiking the mountain a large thunder storm blew by and dropped a lot of hail on me. It got really cold too. The storm didn't last long so I was able to proceed on soon. My Hoffmann is in the geographic center of the park so the views of the park are amazing. This mountain may be Yosemite's best kept secret. The trail is not on any map and there are no signs to the trailhead.

May Lake

The thunderhead in the distance is the storm that ran over me on the hike.

Ranger Dave on the summit of Mt. Hoffmann. Yahoo!
Next is Mt. Dana 13,000 + feet.

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