Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mt. Dana Hike

Here is an early morning photo of the task ahead of me. Mount Dana. 13,054 feet. I am starting at 10,000 feet.

These guys are in trouble. They require cool temps to survive. As the Earth warms they are pushed higher and higher in elevation. This Pika couple was at 12,500 feet. The mountain is only 13,000. I guess they look up and say "Oh boy". This speces may not last much longer. They also have to go down to gather grasses. The more they travel, the greater the risk being caught by preditors.

Well, there it is, but it keeps going and going and going...

I finally made it. It was awesome. Only 47 feet below the highest point in Yosemite. Mount Dana summit. 13,054 feet. Yahoo! I love it. The reward is amazing. This is the closest I will be to an Eagle.

13,054 feet.

I desended as quickly as possible because this was all I could think about. I made a bee line for Bodie Mikes BBQ to get a Garden Burger and iced tea.

Oh yeah, and this.
It's OK. I burned 5,000 calories today.


  1. Looks like a great hike! Jenee' and I really like the looks of your meal as well.

  2. Hi Ranger Dave. Enjoyed the photos and narrative very much. Awesome scape! Can see why you wouldn't miss the "city". Take care.


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