Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interesting Events

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lag in my postings. It won’t happen again I promise. Some interesting events have happened since my last post. I will try to bring you up to date.

  • I am a grandfather. Caden Tristan Rose was born in March of this year in Denver, CO.
  • My son Derek reenlisted into the United States Air Force and will be transferred to Vandenberg AFB in California later this summer. That will be nice because he and his family will be only a few hours drive from me here in Yosemite. He will be a professor, teaching Space Systems Operations. That’s a sweet gig for him in a beautiful location.
  • Next month I am going to digitize my 1984 classical guitar recording with Myrna Closser on flute and re-release it. I will be adding hymn selections to the album.
  • Over the winter I published several books. Go here: http://eagleswingpublishing.com/
  • This spring I was in-processing for another year in Yosemite when a young lady approached me. She asked, “Are you Ranger David Rose?” “Yes.” “I purchased your book last fall, followed your instructions in detail and here I am starting my first year as a new Ranger. Thank you.” We hugged and laughed and cried at the same time together. It was a special moment that I will never forget.
  • As an Interpretive Ranger at Glacier Point, part of my duties is to present lectures during sunset at the point. We have between 200 and 600 people present each night. One evening National Graphic showed up for my talk. National Graphic is in Yosemite all summer developing material for print and their cable channel. The print photographer said he took about 500 images of me and the video photographer taped my entire presentation. So watch for me on the cover of National Geographic this winter.
  • Over the winter I completed my Wilderness EMT course. I am now nationally certified. I participate in many medical and trauma emergencies in Yosemite. I am also trained in search and rescue.
  • I have also recently completed university level courses in astronomy, geology and climate change.
  • Courses that I plan to take this winter include: “Leave No Trace” master educator and Astronomical master educator for Park Rangers.
  • I am trying to put together a trip this fall in Tennessee. I am trying to find sponsorship for a solo single leg canoe trip over the entire length of the Tennessee River (654 miles). I want to raise money to complete the Tennessee River Gorge Blueway in Chattanooga.
  • I have added a new guided hike to my repertoire of events. Last month I did my first Full Moon Guided Hike to Sentinel Dome. It was awesome. The summit of the dome offers you a 360 degree view of a large percentage of the park. From there you can view the sun setting and the moon rising at the same time. I discuss sunsets, the moon, the mountains and water falls. I also pack my giant binoculars and tripod up so everyone can view the moon up close. It’s fun.
  • I am doing a lot of hiking this summer. So far I have hiked Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. See separate postings for pictures from those hikes. Coming up soon will be hikes to Clouds Rest, the entire northern rim of the valley, Mount Hoffman and I want to climb 13,000 feet to Mount Lyell to walk on a glacier. Next year I want to climb Mount Whitney. 14,491 feet. The highest point in the contiguous United States.
  • You aught to see me when I am hiking. I use two trekking poles and gloves, my knees are wrapped up, my ankles are wrapped and I walk at a snails pace. I sometimes feel like a giant insect trekking through the mountains. Today when I was on the Yosemite Falls trail, a young man asked me…”Sir, are you out here alone?” I said “Yes, I frequently wander off. They usually find me by the end of the day though. Don’t worry.” Isn’t getting old great.


  1. Glad you are updating the blog again. You sure are keeping busy!

  2. Wow! There is so much to see on your site. So real. Feels almost like I'm there this very moment. Definitely makes me want to plan to be there - soon! Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you for making me and my cousin Junior Rangers last week. I checked your blogspot and thought it was cool.

  4. used to live in copperopolis (30 yrs) so was very close to yosemite and enjoyed the opportunity to be in the park often. since have returned to my home state of michigan. i never had the good fortune to be up at glacier for the talks and the moonlight hike to sentinel sounds fantastic! wish i was still in calif so i could take advantage of those fantastic experiences.


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