Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Trip Home

This is a panorama photo of the White Mountains. I have no idea why they are called the White Mountains. The peak with the clouds over it is a 14er. I will be hiking to the top of it next spring. The oldest trees in the world are on this mountain. The Bristlecone Pine. 4,600 years old.

I climbed to the top of a big rock to get the some shots of the mountains.I decided to shoot an elevated shot of my rig.

Can you guess what this is? Nope. It's not a sunrise. Nope. It's not a sunset. Nope. It's not a forest fire. Nope. It's not a hydrogen bomb exploding. Out in the middle of the Nevada desert at midnight, I set my camera on the hood of my truck and did a 30 second time exposure of the city of Las Vegas from 200 miles away. The light even reflects on my hood in the bottom of the image from 200 miles away. That is some serious light polution.

A cool tree at sunset in Utah

The fall colors in Rifle, Colorado were amazing.

More Rifle color.

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