Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yosemite National Park - Glacier Point

This is the location in Yosemite where I will be posted. It is an elevation of about 7,500 feet with a huge panoramic view of the valley 3000 feet below and the mountains across the valley. Two thirds of the 12,000 square mile park can be seen from this vantage point. I did not take many pictures from the point because the lighting was not right and I will have plenty of time to get the pictures I want. I did put up a picture of Yosemite Falls from across the valley. Go to the valley section of the blog to view more pictures of this waterfall.
The stage picture is where I will be speaking most every night. What an amazing venue for a stage. I was really intimidated when I first saw the stage, but then I got into it and got excited. Also included is a picture of my new cabin at Glacier Point. I have two single beds, a table and chairs, frig and stove. I will probably use the fire pit and picnic table mostly though. I have electricity and water in the cabin, but I have to walk 50 yards to the pot and showers. There is an AT&T cell signal on the point so I will have phone and internet. Yahoo! More pictures from the point later.

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