Monday, May 18, 2009

Channel Islands National Park

I visited Channel Islands National Park yesterday. The Channel Islands are a small group of islands in the Pacific about 20 miles off the coast of southern California. There are species of plant and animal life here than exist nowhere else in the world. Two of the most interesting to me are the Blue Jay that is about 33% larger than the mainland specie and the Dwarf Fox. The Dwarf Fox is about the size of a house cat. I did not spot the Blue Jay, but I was lucky enough to find the Fox.

I was on the large island of Santa Cruz. It is 64 square miles in size and an elevation of about 2,400 feet. The largest sea cave in the world is here. The Painted Cave. It is 160 feet wide, 100 feet high and 1320 feet deep. The tour boats and dive boats can navigate into the cave for close looks. I did not see the cave this trip, but it is definitely on my agenda for later.

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