Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greeted by Yellow 48

I was walking from my car to the cabin on my arrival day and I was greeted by our resident bear Yellow 48 even before I made it to my cabin door. She is 15 years old and has two yearling cubs this year. She is a very good mother, but she is very human habituated and causes trouble for us. It was good to see her though.

On my first day at Glacier Point another bear tore the door off of a car and rearranged the interior looking for food. Another bear tried to enter my partners cabin. The bear actually knocked on the door. My partner answered it thinking it might be a visitor needing medical attention and there was the bear. The bear tried to enter his cabin. There was a struggle with the bear, the door and my partner. My partner was able to keep the bears head out of the doorway otherwise the bear would have won. No telling what would have happened then.

With all of the bad bear activity at Glacier Point recently, we have been issued tazer guns and mineral ball paintball guns to adverse condition the bears if possible. We do this in an attempt to save the life of the bear.

I will be video recording my bear presentations this summer. If you are interested in knowing more about Black Bears, check back for these bear talks called "Bear Essentials". They are fun and informative. 

These cubs are experiencing their second spring. Mom will be kicking them out soon to be on their own. Bears are amazing creatures.

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  1. 06/27 saw a bear opposite the Sentinel Dome service access road laying with it's head on a fallen log. No reaction to the human activity around. I encouraged those around not to approach and leave as soon as possible. This was not the mother bear, but could have been the agitated and hungry one at the station you mentioned.


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