Thursday, April 23, 2009

View From My Office Window

32 years of surgery looking at cold hard tile walls all day and all night, working with grumpy old triple "A" personality surgeons and taking emergency call every night. What was I thinking?
I'm making up for lost time. I will be looking at this view all day every day. I love it.


  1. That is a nice change from being in an office for a long time! It would be a nice change from Iraq too. I don't see much brown at all in those pictures.

  2. David, My first love, I am so happy for you! I
    wish Derek were there with you!!!! Heck, I wish
    I were there with you! I will be at the beach
    this weekend, working on tan. Not quite as much
    fun! Glad you are following your dream! Wish I
    could think of a duet (besides tiptoe through the
    tulips) for us! ha ha. LOL


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