Thursday, June 20, 2013

People I meet

These pictures are just a few of the people I meet during the course of my day as a ranger. I love my job. There are still good people in this old world.

The gentleman on the left is a Lt. Commander in the US Navy and is being deployed to Behran soon as a helicopter pilot for search and rescue. He and his family are vacationing together before he leaves. It's good to be in the presence of greatness. Thank you for serving our country sir. I salute you.

I love Illinois

Christmas tree growers in South Carolina. Wife from Columbia.
Good people. We had fun together.

Norway - Norway - Me - Brazil - Chile

I met this father and son climbing team on the sidewalk the day after they climber Half Dome behind me. They climbed it in two days. The father is 67 years young and has arthritis but is still climbing. What an inspiration for all of us. See their climbing pictures below.

Congratulations gentlemen!

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