Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Favorite Spot

Many times I wander off the trail to explore areas that most hikers never see and to search for wildlife. I found a rocky outcropping with a flat level surface where I can comfortably sit and just quietly hang out. As a bonus, to my surprise, that spot has the best most stable cell signal that I have found in the park. It's about 100 yards from the cell tower for AT&T that services the park. Wow. A great view and a great signal in the same spot and it's only a 30 minute hike from my cabin. Sunsets here will be amazingly beautiful. In the mean time here is a daytime 180 degree panorama of the view from my new spot.

My new favorite spot in Yosemite (180 degree pano)

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  1. I'd guess slightly below the Sentinel Dome service road, otherwise known as the old tour bus access road to the base of the dome. I believe there is a newer cleared path that gives this view.


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