Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well, here it is, home for the summer. This is a very homey little cabin. It was probably built around the 1930's or so. It has a small kitchen/dining area with two bedrooms. It has running cold water but I don't use it. The original metal pipes are still in place and the water is the color of rust and smells like it too. The source of our water at Glacier Point is from snow melt. The melted snow is piped to a large tank above the cabins and runs by gravity to the cabins and to Glacier Point. I have a five gallon plastic water bottle that I use to capture water directly from the storage tank bypassing the pipes. It's time consuming and a hassle to gather and transport the water but I have a system worked out. It's not too much of a burden anymore. If I need hot water, I have a pan and a gas stove.

There is no toilet in the cabin. We have an outhouse that is shared among 4 cabins. The outhouse has toilets, showers and a cloths washing machine and a water heater. I don't use the washing machine because the rusty water stains my cloths. I stock enough cloths to last for weeks, then when I do go to town, I drop off all of my cloths at the laundry service or the dry cleaners by 9 and everything is ready for me to pick up by 3 after I perform all of my other errands.

I can't wash my hair in the shower. I made that mistake my first year in 2009. My white hair turned orange from the rusty water. I have to wash my hair in the kitchen sink with my bottled water.

In the winter, this cabin is used by cross country skiers who ski about 16 miles from Badger Pass to Glacier Point. If you plan to attempt that trip, be sure you master your stopping technique before you get to Glacier Point.

I have electricity! Yeah!!!!! So I have a refrigerator, electric heat, a microwave and a toaster oven. I stay comfortable if I wear down house boots. There is no insulation in the floor. The weather is mostly clear and warm but it can turn cold fast here at 7500 feet. I keep the heater on full-time. I gets cold at night. 

I have no cell signal. I have to climb a mountain about a mile up to find a signal and it is unreliable and intermittent. I have no internet. No TV, No commercial radio. I do have a government land line in my cabin and I have a Yosemite Park radio that I monitor full time. The closest law enforcement ranger or paramedic is an hours drive away from us. I have to monitor the radio in case there is a lost or injured hiker in our area. Then we go into search a rescue mode. I have a 4x4 government vehicle for transportation.

I like this little cabin. Life is good. I'm still having fun in my old age.

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